Airflow Dynamics

At Vonken we developed our groundbreaking AirFlow Dynamics technology in-house (patent pending). Through preheated oxygen injection at three locations, our design ensures optimal ease of use, complete combustion and minimal emissions of CO2 and fine dust. Thanks to our unique combustion technology, you only need a fraction of wood to heat up quickly and for a long time. You can also easily remove the few ash that are created via the removable ashtray.

Controllable oxygen injection

Via two separate oxygen channels that you can easily open and close, we supply primary, secondary and tertiary air to allow optimal, complete and warm combustion. Virtually no fine dust, and warm for hours.

Lockable air outlet

Via an adjustable slide at the front you can hermetically close Vonken to keep all the heat inside for a long time after the fire. Ideal for slow cooking, baking bread, smoking or steaming.

Cooking with fire is the oldest human cultural ritual. Is that still desirable in the 21st century?

Open fires, uninsulated outdoor kitchens and planchas are outdated. They emit a huge amount of CO2, have a very low efficiency, and produce a lot of fine dust and smoke due to incomplete combustion.

Due to the enormous demand for charcoal and wood, wooded areas in regions with vulnerable natural areas such as Africa and South America are dying.

Yet fire continues to occupy an important place in humankind: it connects and creates authentic and magical moments that cannot be matched.

Vonken takes this mission to heart. Vonken's combustion process ensures very complete combustion, resulting in little or no smoke, and also a particularly high efficiency due to the cleverly placed insulation and heat retention.

This gives a very low consumption, and yet a fascinating flame effect. Do you also smoke with sense?

Did you know?

Does charcoal (coal) burn a lot of CO2 emissions?

The production of 1 kg of charcoal requires up to 10 kg of fresh wood ?

The production of charcoal is an energy-intensive process in which approximately 1.65 kg of CO2 is released per kg produced?

The combustion per resulting kilo of charcoal emits 3.65 kg of CO2 and the combustion of 1 kg of dry wood only 1.75 kg of CO2 ?

The majority of charcoal is sourced from tropical forests in Brazil & Africa that the EU cannot control?

Vonken, thanks to strong insulation and heat-technical design, has a mission to deal with outdoor cooking responsibly by using a minimum of fuel for maximum heat retention and cosiness.