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Vonken Home is your mid-to large sized premium outdoor cooking partner and the most functional oven out there. Its straightforward modular design with a 4 cm thick two-layered baking floor permits you to bake perfect pizza, cook the finest bread, grill the best meat, smoke the freshest fish. With our CleanAir Technology, your emissions are close to zero and with AirFlow Dynamics, mastering the fire has never been easier. Vonken Home can literally be placed on any surface and is safe to touch at all time, thanks to its multiple layers of insulation. Being your favorite eye-catcher and ambiance maker, Vonken Home is compatible with a series of groundbreaking accessories you’d never expect to come with a wood oven. 


excluding chimney
64.5 x 72.5 x 45cm
Chimney height
62 cm
Baking floor surface
Powder -coated stainless steel exterior , Heat -resistant powder -coated stainless steel exterior , Hardwood handle , Inside , Chamotte , Ceramic wool
Intense black

What's in the box?

  • Sparks Home
  • Detachable fireplace with hat
  • Fire Cage
  • Removable deployment door
  • 2 large chamottes
  • 2 small chamottes
  • Built -in thermometer
  • Manual

When will my box be delivered?

  • Within 2 to 3 days
100% sustainable
14 days reflection period
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Vonken ovens




We developed the most advanced ovens imaginable

Designed to last

Safe to touch. Built to love. Portable, multi-purpose. Anywhere, anytime you want.

Pizza in 90 seconds

Insulated down to the last detail, authentic inner wall dome design, 4 cm thick two-layer chamotte floor. Super-fast preparations.

Breakthrough technology

AirFlow Dynamics developed in-house for optimal combustion and minimal emissions. Adjustable oxygen supply in three places. Easy to use, 500°C in 10 minutes, and many hours of heat retention.

Beyond Pizza

Beyond perfect pizza. Discover a range of groundbreaking accessories that you would never expect from a wood-burning oven. Barbecuing, baking bread, smoking fish? Stay tuned for more.

We spark up the good life

We launched the most advanced wood ovens available. Maximum user comfort, sustainable technology & culinary enjoyment. Designed to love. Made to last.

Meet the whole family

Does Urban, Home or Original spark? Do you want to compare the different models to see which one suits you best? Go to our comparison page.

Vonken Home
Vonken Home
Vonken Home
Vonken Home
Vonken Home
Vonken Home
Vonken Home
Vonken Home
Vonken Home
Vonken Home
Vonken Home