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The Urban Frame is an elegant piece of design on which Vonken Urban can rest and be fixed. With our click'n roll technology, the oven is fixed easily and smoothly without adding a single screw. The easy lift-and-roll system makes moving the oven an effortless job. You can literally place and roll the oven anywhere you like thanks to the steady and robust wheels, including terraces and gardens. Perfect to move your Vonken closer tot the tablecompany and spread its heat after dinner. The Urban Frame is compatible with our Wood & Food boards and the Fuel Storage, which you can combine or use separately.


Powder -coated stainless steel , Powder coated, sunken steel , Rubber wheels
Intense black

What's in the box?

  • Two hind legs with wheel
  • Two front legs with cap
  • one basic album
  • four side profiles
  • Set with bolts to assemble

When will my box be delivered?

  • Within 2 to 3 days
100% sustainable
14 days reflection period
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Vonken ovens





Nests - bases

A chassis at your service

Mobile, wherever you want

The terrace, the garden, or one to the neighbours? Thanks to the thick rubber wheels you can take Vonken with you wherever you go, just as if it were a wheelbarrow.

Robust and timeless

No cupboard wheels for Vonken. Real, tough, custom rubber wheels for any surface and obstacle.

Provide more

Compatible with the Food & Wood Boards that fit into the base. Ideal for stacking something, or to have them out of the way for a while.

High and dry

Not sure what to do with the inset door? Simply click it into the side of the frame. Store wood? No problem, you can easily mount the compatible Fuel Storage on the chassis.